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Research training


Midlands3Cities offers a programme that combines the best elements of each institutions’ postgraduate training to enrich and extend research and professional skills. This includes tailored workshops, symposia and events organised by M3C and its students and partners.

Regardless of where you are registered to study or which institution offers the training, you can apply to take postgraduate modules at any M3C university.

Based on your individual training requirements, identified through the ‘Development Needs Analysis’ process, modules can range from language courses and distinctive Masters-level training to workshops offered by the Graduate Schools and careers and employability services at each institution.

In addition, we fund an exciting range of student-led and centrally-supported ‘research’ and ‘employability’ training events that benefit cohorts of students and that feed into the Midlands3Cities community as a whole.

Training Schemes

Students benefit from access to three main training funds:

Student Development Fund (SDF)

SDF supports needs-based training for individual students and helps fund research placements (up to 6 months), employability placements (up to 3 months), field trips, conference participation, and other forms of specialist training.

Cohort Development Fund (CDF)

CDF supports training, development and research activities for the wider cohort of M3C students (including postgraduate researchers outside the DTP). Midlands3Cities funds a wide range of events that develop ‘research’ and ‘employability’ skills, and have recently included:

  • M3C Research Festival
  • Policy Engagement Training
  • Talking Heads: Interviewing and Broadcasting
  • Royal Literary Fund Writing Retreats
  • Logic of the Archive
  • Medieval Midlands Conference
  • Brilliant Club tutoring in schools
  • Powerful Presentations
  • Medical Humanities Symposium
  • Journey to Justice Exhibition

Research Training Support Grant (RTSG)

The RTSG can be used to support UK or overseas study visits, and attendance at overseas conferences.

The themes and skills covered within the Talking Heads CDF were wide-reaching, ranging from practical techniques on how to conduct an interview as part of your research to creating a podcast and hosting an interview as part of a live television show. The breadth of information covered, the opportunities to participate and the calibre of the speakers are all credit to the students and partners who put the event together.

Peter Lester, University of Leicester



Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership

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