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Your team should include at least two academic supervisors based in any combination of the 6 Midlands3Cities universities. Where relevant, your supervisory team may also include a member from a non-university partner organisation (e.g. from the cultural, creative or heritage sector).

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Search tips

  • search on key words that reflect your broad research area e.g. music, creative writing, Victorian literature, Roman archaeology etc.
  • search multiple times and test different permutations e.g. medieval, Shakespeare, Richard III etc.
  • search similar terms e.g. civil rights and civil society; postcolonial and transnational; coins and numismatics etc.
  • search for methodologies and approaches e.g. interdisciplinary, feminist, digital, creative, working-class, political etc.
If you have a question about the combination of expertise that you seek, please email enquiries@midlands3cities.ac.uk


Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership

Email: enquiries@midlands3cities.ac.uk