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Create your optimum M3C DTP supervisory team

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Search for potential supervisors and their publications and research interests across the M3C DTP partner universities.

Be as specific as possible. Try different combinations of keywords.

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There are a variety of ways in which you can search for your potential supervisor:

You can search on key words that reflect the broad research area that you wish to pursue e.g. broad terms might be music, creative writing, cultural history, Victorian literature, Roman archaeology, critical theory, design, German, museum studies, war studies etc.

You can search multiple times and test different permutations by using more specific terms too e.g. medieval, nineteenth-century, the 1950s, Roman, South Asian, photography, heritage, poetry, film, radio, Shakespeare, D.H. Lawrence, Richard III, Handsworth, Kant,  etc.

Or you might try searching similar terms e.g. civil rights and civil society; postcolonial and transnational; coins and numismatics; racial and ethnic; intellectual and cultural studies etc.

You can search for methodologies and approaches too e.g. interdisciplinary, feminist, digital, creative, working-class, political,  legal, economic, materialist, media, anthropological, philosophical etc.


M3C DTP supervisory teams

As you refine your search, you should think about the supervisory team whose expertise will ensure the most appropriate support. 

M3C supervisory teams always include at least two academic experts and they may be based in any combination of the 6 universities.

Your supervisory team may also include a creative industry partner





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